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We are experts in

construction insurance.

We are venturous of spirit.


If you are building a residential property, it’s essential to have specialist building insurance. The 10-year structural home warranty insurance for homeowners protects you and your properties from the majority of structural defects that may arise. You need intrepid guides willing to go places other construction insurance providers don’t with experience in protecting builders, developers, contractors or homeowners. As construction insurance and building insurance specialists we pride ourselves on going where others won’t.  

Why choose Us

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    Cost-effective building insurance quotes from a long-standing specialist

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    We don’t shy away from issuing a building home warranty for difficult or complex property development projects

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    Inclusion on the CRL register means added credibility to any property development

You're in good company

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We needed a project partner to assist and support us on the scheme. CRL was that partner, they formed a relationship with us and made the process easy.

Our flexible approach meant that we could offer them a product that ticked all the boxes and pass this on to their buyers. I have since visited the finished site and the quality and workmanship is incredible and a credit to John and his team.