Building your dream home means you'll want a self-build insurance specialist that shares your vision

When it comes to self-build insurance, CRL goes where others don’t dare to venture. We don’t shy away from facilitating insurance because of some small hiccup or design quirk. Our advice and support will get your self-build project over these hurdles – and keep your vision intact.



You’ve also got budgets to think about, so you’ll want your self-build warranty to be cost-effective. Not only is the insurance CRL places competitive, but you receive real peace of mind working with a reputable and trusted specialist. In fact, our industry reputation means that should you sell during the self-build site insurance period, the policy also becomes a valuable sales tool.


self build insurance

What we cover

  1. Warranty against defects in design, workmanship, materials or components of a property
  2. Self-build structural warranty covers a full 10-year period
  3. Residential, commercial and mixed-use properties
  4. New builds and conversions

We are delighted to work with CRL as we progress the development of more great homes for people who need them throughout Northern Ireland.

We are thrilled to be working with Clanmil and, in wider terms, to be playing our part in the upturn in the construction industry.