A worthwhile venture calls for credible back up

CRL is one of the UK's most respected and competitively-priced latent defects insurance specialists.

Structural defects insurance is a mandatory requirement from UK mortgage lenders before they release funds for a property purchase if the house is new or under 10 years old.

What makes us stand out from the latent defects insurance competition is our willingness to go where others will not, to help make your venture as smooth and hassle free as possible.

As standard, we cover developments for 10 years against building defects and any latent defects in design, workmanship, material or components.

The structural warranty offering covers new builds, partially or fully completed homes, completed properties with defects, self-builds, basements, conversions, extensions and renovations, eco-builds and timber frames, prefabs, social housing developments, insolvency situations, and multi-use developments.

So whatever you’ve got planned, we have the latent defects insurance expertise to provide you with a robust and personal building defects insurance solution to suit your ambitious needs.

CRL structural warranties start the day you finish completion on your venture, covering you right from the start.

latent defects insurance

Why do you need Structural Defects Insurance

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    Mortgage Approvals

    Most UK mortgage lenders insist on structural defects insurance from a recognised provider before lending on any property under 10 years old.

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    Makes Selling Easier

    A credible structural defects insurance policy is a valuable sales tool when selling a property, providing peace of mind to buyers and speeding up the sales process.

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    Repair Costs

    Repairing the average building defect can cost as much as £40,000, so it’s sensible to have comprehensive developer’s warranty that covers every eventuality.

What we Cover

The structural warranty covers a wide range of defects and materials including:

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    Load-bearing foundation systems and footings

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    Load-bearing floors and staircases

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    Load-bearing walls and partitions

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    Roof framing systems (Joists and trusses)

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    Load-bearing beams and girders

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    Load-bearing lintels

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    Roof covering

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    Waterproof envelope

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    Chimneys and flues

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    Floor decking and screeds

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    Contaminated land for brownfields sites

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    Repairing, replacing and rectifying water ingress

Retrospective Cover

Retrospective structural defects insurance covers developments that have already been built but do not necessarily have an existing latent defects insurance policy.

CRL can arrange a retrospective structural defects policy that covers your project from the day it was completed, ensuring that you and your home are in good hands.

Some of the reasons to provide a project with retrospective cover are:

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    Selling on a property that you didn’t originally have to get structural defects warranty against. Or purchasing a property that was built without structural defects insurance as the developer was under no obligation to insure it.

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    As a fixed-charge receiver you might need a quick fix for distressed sales and solvency situations.

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    A developer going into administration and leaving a property (without a Completion Certificate) uninsured, making it difficult to borrow against.

Big thinking inspectors with an eye for the small details

It’s our inspector’s job to help you realise your construction goals, however ambitious they might be. Their experience and expertise means our pragmatic site inspections detail every aspect and flag where appropriate.

Our network of inspectors as based throughout the UK, meaning that there is always an expert on hand to offer advice and guide you through the key stages of the development process.

To ensure due diligence, best practise and to continually improve the quality of our on-site inspections, we carry out the following stages for each project:


    Foundation and substructure stage inspection.


    Superstructure, roof and plasterboard stage inspection.


    The final inspection to receive the Final Build Certificate.

Our inspectors will be in touch to arrange the dates for each of these inspections almost immediately – ensuring minimal delays. Get in touch to discuss your latent defects insurance needs in more detail.

It is a pleasure to work with Eddie and the team as the projects they take on are usually out of the ordinary – like CRL they have an appetite for adventure.

Our flexible approach meant that we were able to find structural defects insurance for The Metropolitan that ticked all of Juno’s boxes.