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Typically, a local authority agrees to maintain a road (at public expense) once construction work has been completed. As such, a developer has an obligation to provide the local authority with insurance against the work – so a road bond is required before any new development can receive planning permission.

A road bond is a guarantee. If the developer’s work is not done to a certain standard and timescale the local authority can use the bond money to complete the road properly.

road bonds insurance

How are the road bonds valued?

Road bonds usually come as cash, cheque or bank security. A bond’s monetary value is usually based on the local authority’s view of the project’s costs and timeframe.

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We needed a project partner to assist and support us on the scheme. CRL was that partner, they formed a relationship with us and made the process easy.

Our flexible approach meant that we could offer them a product that ticked all the boxes and pass this on to their buyers. I have since visited the finished site and the quality and workmanship is incredible and a credit to John and his team.