It pays to safeguard your project’s future

The UK construction industry is booming but that doesn’t mean there aren’t risks. The developer insolvency insurance policies that we offer help manage those risks.

Unfortunately, some builders or developers still experience financial difficulties that could result in insolvency. CRL helps guard against situations that might risk your build’s completion with robust developer insolvency cover.

This insurers developer insolvency cover offers you piece of mind should the worst occur. Our in house underwriting team ensure that you receive a competitive, robust insurance policy to protect your building project investment.

developer insolvency insurance

Developer insolvency insurance to protect against different outcomes

  1. An unrecoverable amount that had already been paid to a builder (such as a deposit)
  2. The cost of work to either complete or get the property to a satisfactory standard (whichever is less)

Note: In all cases, cover is subject to approval.

Just get in touch to discuss your developer insolvency insurance in more detail or complete the online form to apply today.

We are delighted to work with CRL as we progress the development of more great homes for people who need them throughout Northern Ireland.

We are thrilled to be working with Clanmil and, in wider terms, to be playing our part in the upturn in the construction industry.