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Building control, or building regulations, are legal requirements that have to be applied to most types of building works, including new builds and extensions on existing properties.

Building site insurance is designed to protect both construction workers and future residents. As such, each development requires final sign off. This comes in the form of a building control completion certificate and is issued by specialist building control inspectors.

On your behalf, CRL works with an established selection of high-quality approved building control inspectors and Local Authority Building Control. Big or small, we work with specialists on the specific requirements of any project – making the whole process of obtaining a building site insurance completion certificate seamless and hassle free.

building site insurance

What are building regulations there for?

  1. They look out for the safety and interests of communities
  2. They set standards for building professionals, contractors and trade people
  3. The regulations encourage energy-efficient and sustainable building innovations
  4. They support local, regional and national businesses

Why do you need a building control inspector?

Building Control inspectors are appointed to oversee the construction process. They ensure that the current government-set building regulations are applied and enforced to each construction project they work on. At the close of a build project, it is imperative to obtain a building control insurance Completion Certificate. This building control warranty is a written document that serves as proof that the work was done in accordance to all building regulations. The owner needs this building warranty insurance certificate when they decide to sell the property to prove to potential buyers that the build is safe and all necessary building procedures were followed. It’s important that buyers know that the certificate has been issued.

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