A range of construction insurance policies built on strong foundations

When we say we facilitate structural defects insurance for any type of residential property, we actually mean it

Whether you are working on a lighthouse conversion in the Shetlands or constructing container flats in Croydon, we’ll find a way around any obstacle that might otherwise stand in the way.

Construction comes with other needs too. We provide select products from some of the best UK home insurance providers – meaning you can get everything you need from just one, credible specialist.

Be part of a credible network

Buyers will want solid assurances that they are purchasing a property from a credible construction professional. Choosing CRL means that your business or development receives the formal endorsement of a listing on our official register.

We needed a project partner to assist and support us on the scheme. CRL was that partner, they formed a relationship with us and made the process easy.

Our flexible approach meant that we could offer them a product that ticked all the boxes and pass this on to their buyers. I have since visited the finished site and the quality and workmanship is incredible and a credit to John and his team.