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  • CRL assists developer with structural defects insurance for historic glassworks renovation

    CRL has assisted in arranging flexible structural defects insurance warranties for a £3.25 million luxury residential renovation of a historic former glassworks. The structural defects insurance specialist was selected by J G Woodcock to work with …

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  • CRL selected for major Clanmil housing projects

    Structural defects specialist CRL is to provide the warranties for a number of construction projects with a combined value of around £31m. Won through a competitive tender process, CRL has been chosen by the Clanmil Housing Group to provide ten yea…

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We needed a project partner to assist and support us on the scheme. CRL was that partner, they formed a relationship with us and made the process easy.

Our flexible approach meant that we could offer them a product that ticked all the boxes and pass this on to their buyers. I have since visited the finished site and the quality and workmanship is incredible and a credit to John and his team.